We are beginning to collect for UMCOR Christmas Shoe Boxes.  Below is a list of suggestions:

Please do not include Adult or Junior Size Flip Flops or Clothing.  Please do not include clothing smaller than 3T.  

1 Pair of Flip Flops - New

1-2 Pair of Underwear - New

1-2 Pair of Socks - New

1 Pair of Shorts & 1 T-Shirt (Boys or Girls) OR a Dress with Shorts (Girls) OR a Training Bra with a Shirt or Dress (Girls 8-12 years old)

3 - 5 oz Bar of Soap with a Wash Cloth - New

Comb (Large teeth) or Brush - New

Small Hand Mirror

Small Doll

Small Stuffed Toy

Jump Rope

Small Hard Rubber Balls


Small Pad of Paper

Pencil Sharpener

Toothbrush and Small Toothpaste - New

Crayons - New

Hot Wheel/Matchbox Cars

Small Sport Ball

Yoyo Duncan Brand

Playdough 2 Large Cans or 4 small mini cans

Ponytail Holders, Barrettes etc. (5-8 in a small plastic bag)

Colored Pencils

Note:  1-3 small packs of tissues or 6-10 band aids my be included as a filler or an extra.  These are not considered gifts, but they help with filling the shoe boxes.

Gently used and clean clothing/toy items are acceptable.  Please use the following guideline: If you would not give the item in question Wrapped as a gift to your child, grandchild, or best friend's child please do not include the item in your Christmas Shoe Box.

No Swimming Suits

No Long Sleeve Shirts or Long Pants

No Food, Candy, or Chewing Gum of Any Kind

No Liquids of Any Kind. No Shampoo, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, etc.

No Toy Guns, Weapons, Soldiers, No War Toys

No Playing Cards, Dominoes (can be used for Gambling)

No Card Games, No Sport Cards, No Books/Games (Most are in English and the children do not understand what these are)

No Balloons


You can leave your items in the containers by the office in the main building or in the vestibule.  Thank your supporting this ministry.