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Living Faithfully - Human Sexuality and The United Methodist Church (on Amazon) $14.99

Church Wide Conversations

Join us in praying for our Church Wide Conversations about “Who we are?, What is going on?, and Where we are headed?” Please pray for Dawn Somers, Heath Williams, Calista Mills, Samantha Thames and Kevin Taylor as they prepare to lead these conversations. Be sure to pick up a 40-day prayer guide. Two conversations will be held for each series. The same content will be presented at each option time so please choose one that best fits your schedule. 

Conversation Series 1: Who we are? 

The summary document for the Series 1 Meetings: ConversationSeries_1.pdf

Held the week on April 16th. We discussed who we are individually and corporately as a church.

Conversation Series 2: What is going on?  

The summary document for the Series 2 Meetings:  Series_2.pdf

The Series 2 meetings were held the week of April 30th.  We discussed what is currently happening in the United Methodist Church.

Conversation Series 3: Where are we headed?

We will discuss where we are headed as a people of God. 

  • Option A: Wednesday, May 17th- 12:00 pm
  • Option B: Sunday, May 21st- 6:45 pm (childcare provided – grade 5 and under)

Conversation 4: Come together as one! 

We will discuss what we have discovered about our faith community through this series of conversations and have a straw poll to determine next steps.

  • Sunday, May 28th- 6:45 pm (childcare provided – grade 5 and under)