effective Sunday,  August 8th, 2021

On Behalf of Heath Williams and the other members of our Trustees, 

please see the new guidelines listed below:

Due to the increase in the number of COVID new cases in our area, the Board of Trustees established the following worship guidelines: 

  • Worship services will be held in the sanctuary at 8:45a.m.; 11:00 a.m.; and 6:00 p.m.  
  • These guidelines are subject to local, state, and federal recommendations, as well as those from The Mississippi Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church                                           and may be subject to change.

1.  All vulnerable individuals should refrain from indoor gatherings regardless of vaccination status.  Please stay at home and worship with us remotely.

2.  If you are displaying any COVID symptoms (fever, fatigue, dry cough, loss of appetite, body aches, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, loss of taste and/or smell, etc.). Please stay at home and worship with us remotely.

3.  Please wear a face mask/covering upon leaving your vehicle until seated. Once seated you may remove your mask.  Please put your mask back on before leaving your seat.

4.   Commit to safe practices at Worship by maintaining a distance of at least 6ft apart from others family groups.  All Worship attendees will be asked to wipe down pews following each service.

5.  Please use hand sanitizer that will be available at the door.

6.  A designated space for offerings will be located near entry locations and in window sills.

7.  There will be three entry and exit locations; main entry, education wing entry, and side entry. Please do not gather socially before or after Worship, and try to maintain an 6ft safe distance between yourself and others while not seated.

8.  The nursery will not be available until further notice.

9.  Parents or guardians may take children from the same family to the second floor of the Education wing should they so desire during Worship.  No paid staff.  Once a room is occupied, no other individuals may enter.  Please wipe down all surfaces when departing the occupied space.

Please pray for Brother Stacy and the Lay Leadership of our Church always, 

but especially during these times of making difficult decisions that impact our congregation.